Sweetbush (Sweet Bush, or Sweet Fern) is a mild relaxant. It mixes very well with spice, and is very inexpensive. Some people simply love the potent effect it produces when mixed with spice.

It is sold at Herbal Smoke.


Two of the most respected people on ganjatalk were not very impressed, insisting that other products were better for mixing than sweetbush.

seems like everyone says that sweetbush is a good mixer for spice, but i know of a lot of cheaper blends that probably work just as well.

—-replicant76cs, [1]

I can do a review of sweet bush if you want, it's not too impressive imo however. Chill is very similar in many respects, even taste and smell-wise, though it's ground up a lot finer. I think SB may have the edge on Chill, but that doesn't mean a whole lot!

Lots of people use SB as a mixer for Spice, but I really don't like to smoke SB much (tastes rank), so I don't do that. I prefer to mix my Spice with some nice herb and some shredded kanna - 3 or 4 hits with [Spice] Gold does the trick, though I'm presently trying to lay off the nice herb.


However, some people GREATLY enjoy it's effects.

well i just got my latest order in the mail a few minutes ago. i got 7g of sweet bush and a new glass pipe! i love it. i smoked a nice fat bowl of sweet bush in my new pipe and so far its feeling pretty good i will do a more in depth review later today. ill just say this though, i was pleasantly surprised when i open the bag of sweet bush. i am high on both this and spice while i write this if it makes no sense thats why haha


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