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Spice is one of many of cannabis alternatives. At least three versions of Spice are known to contain JWH-018 as an active ingredient. It has been around the longest, and is probably the most well-known cannabis alternative. Its manufacturers, The Psyche Deli, refused to ship it in bulk to any vendor who will ship it to the USA. As a result, it was very hard to get in the USA for a long time.

Synthetic Chemicals[]

Spice has been confirmed to contain JWH-018.[1]

JWH-018 is a synthetic cannibinoid known to have similar effects to THC.

Even before the conclusive evidence about JWH-018 there were rumors that Spice contained synthetic cannabinoids. It seems that this rumor was started and then retracted by the owner of MJB. He temporarily claimed HU-210 (a synthetic cannabinoid) was added. It seems very likely that this is false, for a number of reasons, the foremost being that HU-210 is unsmokable.

Surprisingly, although few recreational users could replicate the effects of spice, many retailers were able to. This may be because many blends began to use spice as a base, and add other herbs.


Spice clearly that potentates many herbs.

Spice mixes well with:

  • Herbal Woah (50:50 feels like smoking straight spice). The main ingredient of is Herbal Woah Yerba Lenna Yesca, and this is probably what mixes so well.
  • Kanna (potentiates x3ish). This is so potent that many people suspected Chillin XXX and 99-0 to simply be a mixture of Spice and Kanna.
  • Kanna + cannabis (very strong potentiation)
  • Cloud 9 has roughly the same effect on Spice as Herbal Woah.
  • Baybean (best as an MJB extract). Baybean is an ingredient in spice, and is an extremely strong potentiator.
  • Sweet Bush. Sweet bush has very little effect on it's own, but when mixed with spice you may even think it feels nicer than spice.
  • Damiana was reported to double the potency of spice. Although many users claimed this synergy was due to Damiana's MAOi effect which unproven and likely false.
  • Syrian Rue is a very strong MAOi. It is reported to enhance colors and sound. Theoretically, it should potentiate Spice.
  • Lady's Slipper has been reported to be a good mixer with spice.
  • Sweet Flag or Calamus has also been reported to be good mixer for spice.
  • LSD, and probably many other psychedelics. Spice is unlike drugs like cannabis which tend to make the trip more bland.

Herbal Woah, and Cloud 9 are from HS.

Spice does not mix well with:

  • Narcotics
  • Alcohol (nausea) Depends on tolerance.
  • Ketamine (heavy spice overdose) even with a small dose of spice/JWH-18.

NOTE: Many of the statements above about spice may be assumed true for all Spice Alternatives.


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