VooDoo is the goods and the legal highs have a blue water lilly plant choped threw itSkullcap (or scullcap) usually refers to Scutellaria lateriflora, the more common and least potent of the plants.

"Common Skullcap", however is the plant Scutellaria galericulata. This variety can also be found online.

Scutellaria laterifloraEdit

It is a very weak herb. Most would be lucky to receive effects beyond placebo. You need to be very in tune with your body to feel it's effects. Unfortunately, it is common in smoking blends.

It is extremely inexpensive.

Scutellaria baicalensisEdit

This is a stronger variety of skullcap, also called chinese skullcap. It is fairly rare, but rumor has it that it is fairly potent.

Scutellaria nanaEdit

Scutellaria nana (or Dwarf Skullcap) is one of the holy grails of legal herbs. This single herb is said to be as potent as cannabis. It is nearly impossible to find online, except in the occasional eBay auction. One of the sites which claims to sell Scutellaria nana seeds in fact sells some other plant.

This plant can be found in many products used by humans, including smoking products[1] . many of the products on this site: - romanian site-

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