Sinicuichi is an herb which many people will feel effects from. It mixes very well with Yerba Lenna Yesca. This combo is sold as Herbal Woah on HS.


Sinicuichi has a strange stimulating effect. It used to be called an "auditory hallucinogen" but that is clearly just a myth, and is only a hallucinogenic at extremely high doses (and not limited to sound). Sinicuichi increases memory, and has a "sharp" feeling (as opposed to the "dull" feeling given by weed and many sedatives/relaxants).

Using sinicuichi extremely often may have harmful effects on your health.

Where to Buy

One place to buy sinicuichi is definitely IAS's Sinicuichi 25x. Effects are guaranteed. Smoking is better than making a tea (the tea causes nausea).

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