LegalHerbalShop started out by selling only exclusive legal herbal buds that they manufacture themselves.

LHS's most popular Herbal Buds are described below:

African Sunset Xtreme (ASX)

African sunset extreme v2 legal herb spice.jpg
[African Sunset Xtreme[1]] Was one of LHS's first attempts at a potent herbal blend. Derived from their original African Sunset with Xtreme extracts added, this blend was a success for LHS. Currently the most popular blend LHS offers.

Chillin XXX

Chillin xxx 1 .jpg
[Chillin XXX] Is on of the ORIGINAL Herbal blends that came out back in 2006 and STILL going strong because it is one of the MOST POTENT of blends! By far, our most popular products on the site. Get it and see why! You will NOT be disappointed.

At one time, LHS used to advertise on ganjatalk. As the company grew, they were recently banned from advertising and posting on that forum due to the fact that the owner of the forum also sells similar products. Apparently, LHS was taking business away from his site by offering better products at a much cheaper rate. Consumers have praised LHS for being the first Herbal Blend vendor to "challenge" other vendors to lower their prices in order to compete with LHS. It seems that LHS is still the place to go for your herbal blends, as they still sell them cheaper than anyone else.

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