Kava-kava is a psychoactive plant. It can be bought at most supermarkets. There are lots of kava-kava teas. Usually people make a tea out of the root of the plant. It is considered potent.


It has a strong reverse tolerance meaning you should take a small amount everyday for a week or two before dosing higher and/or expecting results (it responds well to priming).


At high doses and a handful of people attest to it's psychedelic potential. For the most part however, it is just a fun relaxing plant sometimes used as a mild anti-depressant. It is not an SSRi, and is probably not ideal for treating clinical depression. Be careful when doing high doses, it is best to use the fresh plant (as opposed to commercial pills) and prepare the tea correctly in order to avoid nausea. The effects of kava are comparable to those of alcohol and benzodiazapines (usually valium).

Psychological and physiological effects include, but are not limited to:

  • Mild euphoria
  • Sedation
  • Relaxation of muscles and mind
  • Clear thinking; opening of mind
  • Strong anxiolytic effect (studies show as on par with that of benzodiazapines)
  • Mood lifting and mellowing effects
  • Inebriation, usually without serious mental clouding and coordination problems
  • Very mild visual effects (colors more vivid, slight surface rippling, visual snow, double vision) -not incredibly common
  • Talkative and sociable behavior (similar to that of mild alcohol intoxication)
  • Numbing of tongue, lips, and throat
  • Analgesia


The tea is known for tasting awful, but if you mix it with cold 7-up or sprite, it should help the taste a lot, particularly if you use the instant kava-kava from the site below.

Where to BuyEdit

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Health RisksEdit

Please research yourself. Vendors that scam will post here and trick you!

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