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The owner of GanjaTalk and Herb-Hut also owns this site.

The second spice alternative blend made for the US market (after 99-0), Fusion is a blend developed by Daherbmun of Herbal-Smoke to answer the needs of the herbal community.


Fusion has a deep vanilla smell and smokes rather smoothly. Effects are somewhere between Spice and Spice Gold, with some preferring the blend's less chemical feel.

Those looking for an alternative to Spice might want to give this one a try as most users have reported it a more natural feeling experience.


Nitro is a mild blend that came before the Spice Alternatives and Fusion. It contains Valerian, and a considerable portion of the effects of this blend, or lack there of, are described there. It is notable as the first smoking blend to contain Valerian, which is usually only used in tea form. It is mildly relaxing, and may be better compared in strength to tobacco or caffeine than cannabis.


Dank, was originally one of the first of the cannabis alternatives. However this spot has now been filled by fusion. Dank, however, can burn the throat, although it is not nearly as potent as Spice.