Damiana (Turnera diffusa, syn. Turnera aphrodisiaca) is a shrub native to Central America, Mexico, South America, and the Caribbean. It is distantly related Passion Flower and the two are commonly mixed. It has a long history of use. In some places in Australia, Damiana is used as an alternative to tobacco. Damiana has a synergistic effect with Passionflower which when used in a combination can be relaxing and may promote sleep. In fact, Damiana on its own may be made into a tea to promote sleep. Damiana has been included as an ingredient in herbal cigarettes.

  • in wikipedia it says it has a stimulating effect, good for exhaustion (contradictery to what it says here about promoting sleep)

    Damiana Herb


While Damiana is often reported to be a short-term MAOi, this is probably not true. 

Effective DoseEdit

A truly effective dose of damiana is around 5 grams (roughly a fifth of an ounce) in tea. Many users report effects from smoking small amounts, these sometimes assumed to be placebo. Either way, a very significant amount of damiana would need to be consumed (smoked or drank) for considerable effects.

It may be wise to start with an extract until familiar with the milder effects.


Damania give you a mad boner dude :-p

Damiana's actually quite a pleasant herb, but you need to smoke a bit too much of it for it to be worthwhile that way, likewise with vaporisation, I'd imagine. But if you make tea with damiana you'll find that it's very pleasant, and doesn't taste bad either - it's got a very distinctive taste. I use about 5 grams or so, and I find that it's got great synergy with kanna - a small bowl of kanna after drinking damiana tea produces a buzz a bit like low-strength hash, it doesn't have any of the trippier feeling that you get from weed, but has a quite reasonable high.
-dreambunz [1]
Damiana & Passion Flower tincture

Now I read that Passion Flower poteniates Damiana. So I went to my local health store and bought about 1/2 oz. of Damiana and an oz. of Passion Flower tincture.

Total cost: under $11.00

I soaked the Damiana in PF tincture for about 5 days and let it dry for 2 days. It was still kinda moist so I had to quick dry it in the microwave because I had to find out if it the hype was valid...

... and it was. That combo gives you a nice MJ type buzz without the munchies and if you drink a glass of wine with it, it's even better and I'm sure if I let marinate and dry for another few days, it'll be even more potent.

The high only lasted about an hour and a half but the taste is really smooth and cool and it smells just like cannabis and incense burning.

So now, I have an oz. of primo smoke for under $11.

-olskoolhi [2]
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