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Dagga (Leonotis sp.) is a genus of plants. The following three are the most commonly smoked.

Order of Potency[]

Here is a rough order of potency, plants may vary and some of the effects may simply be different not necessarily more potent. This should only occure with two items that are directly next to each other.

Least Potent to Most Potent:

  1. Wild Dagga Leaves (mildly effective)
  2. Marihuanilla Leaves (mildly effective)
  3. Klip Dagga Leaves (mildly effective)
  4. Wild Dagga Leaf Resin/Extract (mildly effective/effective due to difficulty in smoking)
  5. Mixing Klip Dagga & Marihuanilla Leaves (effective)
  6. Wild Dagga Flowers (very effective)
  7. Marihuanilla Flowers (very effective)



Dagga flowers gives a buzz not too unsimiliar to a small amount of cannabis. Dagga will never make you "extremely high", but you can get a very significant high/buzz off of them if used correctly and with priming.

If using an extreme amount the user will feel a short and strange high.

Mixing two types of dagga seems to work very well, particularly with klip dagga and marihuanilla. This is the basis of the "diggity dagga" blend available at HS.

Where to Buy[]

The best place to buy the flowers is from

The flowers of the marihuanilla plant are said to be the most potent and it seems like the only site they can be found on is