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Chillin XXX is a potent blend sold by many sites. Many find it to be too potent on its own. It is also available at under the name Eclipse. One retailer has sold it under the name Toke xxx.

Many people believe that is is a mixture spice (which contains the synthetic chemical JHW-180) and kanna.

Effective Dose

It is often found to be very effective after a single hit or drag, particularly for people who do not use cannabis regularly. For this reason many users do not smoke it like they would smoke marijuana, and people must be careful about how much they use.

Adverse Reactions

Most adverse reactions to Chillin XXX have been do to people getting "too high". Those who enjoy tripping or getting extremely wasted may not complain about any adverse reactions, although it is well known that high doses of JHW-180 can cause extreme anxiety. In correct doses, however, this is usually not a problem.


Tripping or having a psychedelic experience is not uncommon with chillin XXX.

I’m not saying it’s better than weed, but on a per gram basis this is stronger than the weed you’ll find in Amsterdam... I was feeling good and relaxed ad enjoyed myself. For 45 minutes I was so wasted that I couldn’t talk or walk or do much of anything. I had trouble controlling my hands and legs, with very poor eye to hand coordination. I also couldn’t figure out if it was 8 in the morning or in the afternoon, couldn’t work the remote to my stereo at first etc. Smoking Chillin XXX definately has a strong impact on both the body and mind. If you think that legal equals not stronger than the weed I smoked last week you are in for a surprise when trying this.


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