Psychoactives Wiki

Cannabis alternatives are a group of blends that all feel (roughly) similiar. They are all considered suitable as substitutes for cannabis if, for instance, somebody needed to get drug tested but did not want to quit getting high. This label is usually reserved for the most potent of herbal highs, however it also must imitate the effects of cannabis.

Spice alternatives are regularly assumed to contain spice who's active ingredient was proven to be a synthetic cannabinoids JWH-203, JWH-250, JWH-307.

Cannabis alternatives are extremely potent, and often very expensive (about as expensive as cannabis by the gram). They are ideal for people who need/want to quit cannabis because of drug testing, personal reasons or fear of getting arrested.

However it is important to note that many herbs, such as kratom and kava-kava may be very potent at high doses, but are not considered cannabis alternatives because they do not come close to imitating the effects of cannabis.

NOTE: See Spice for more info.