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Cannabis is also called weed, refeer, grass, pot, marijuana and has many other slang names.

It is an illegal plant which produces a nice high with few long term side effects.

Cannabis can be Sativa or Indica or Ruderalis.


Indica is the more "stoned" and sedating strain of cannabis. It has smaller and rounder leaves. It probably contains more CBN and other cannabinoids than sativa, which seems to contain more THC.


Sativa is the more psychedelic strain of cannabis. It produces more of a "high" type effect. It is closer in effects to Marinol (THC pill) than indica is. Vaporizers tend to produce sativa-type highs, presumably because more of the THC and less of the other cannabinoids evaporate during vaporization.


Ruderalis is used to make hemp and contains much less THC than sativa or indica, although it is often quite high in CBD. Recently, it has been mixed with Indica-Sativa hybrid strains to create strains that bud earlier and are hardier outdoors.


Cannabis mixes very well with most drugs, however it can be harmful to mix. Here are some drugs which you can mix it with:

  • Amphetamines (Meth, Adderall, Ritalin) - Produces a different high, can be more confusing and psychedelic. Frequent use can cause brain damage.
  • Blue Lotus - Blue Lotus is a wonderful legal potentiator of cannabis. Some claim that after smoking a significant amount of cannabis smoking blue lotus simply feels like smoking more weed. Blue lotus does not add to psychedelic high but instead produces a more relaxing addition to the high. It is great to ease paranoia.
  • Spice - A common mixture, both are potentiated.

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